Specific solutions for your industry and customers.

We leverage unique data sources that apply to different markets and industries, giving you a more targeted approach.

Each business and market is unique.

So the solution should be, too.

Modern Solution was born out a simple need from businesses: use data to engage a very specific audience.

Unlike some digital marketing that uses audiences driven by mysterious algorithms, we use data driven by consumer behavior. And, instead of dealing with a fluctuating cost-per-impression based on competitors, Direct Mail Marketing is a stable, easy-to-manage channel with a budget that's in your control.

eCommerce Retail

From yoga wear to motorcycle gear, shoes to jewlery, we've supported thousands of retail brands with Direct Marketing that focuses on behavior, lifestyle, and customer activity.

  • Target prospects via category purchases and lifestyle

  • Retarget website visitors

  • Convert email subscribers

  • Post-purchase upsells and retention


Case Study:
Website Retargeting

11x ROAS

8.8% conversion rate and
$15 cost-per-conversion.

This high-end interior decor business sells online, direct to consumers. With products priced from $165 and up, program delivers a strong 11x Return On Ad Spend.

Consumer Real Estate

Real Estate agents with their own websites can take advantage by capturing the actual names and information of visitors, and engage them over the course of their entire buying journey.

  • Suppress other real estate agents

  • Capture name, email, postal address

  • Keep data and contacts for CRM

  • Nominal charge per day, billed weekly


Case Study:
Lead Capture of Website Visitors

60 new leads per month.

Consumer real estate agent captures the leads of their website visitors. Data includes name, email, address, and Hash Emails for follow-up, outreach, and even Social Media programs.

Consumer Home Services

Trigger programs are ideal for any business in home services, appliances, home repair, landscape, furniture. Engage prospects in the crucial first months of moving into a new home.

  • Daily mailings based on Zip Code and home value

  • Personalization included

  • Always-on program targeted to new prospects

  • 2-3 weeks from close of escrow to in-home with mailing


Case Study:
Flooring, Cabinets, Countertop Services

Mailing about 10 cards per day to new prospects.

Local interior contractor reaches new homebuyers with promotion of cabinetry, countertop, and kitchen remodeling services. Daily mailings ensure they're reaching qualified prospective buyers at the right time of their buying cycle.

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