Integrated Data, Creative,
and Deployment

We combine the strategy, data, creative, list, and activation of automated, targeted Direct Marketing.

Featured Services

Direct Mail Retargeting

Retarget your anonymous website visitors with highly-relevant Direct Mail.

New Homeowner Mailing

Daily or weekly mailings automatically sent to new homeowners in your area.

Email to Postal

Append postal addresses and automate mailings to convert email subscribers.

High-Intent Prospects

Reach prospects who have shown interest and intent with brands like yours.

Always-on, all-inclusive automated program includes:

Integration works better.

Modern Solution combines all the elements of Direct Marketing into an integrated suite of services. Instead of using different vendors for select parts of a campaign, choose a one-stop-shop that does it all in-house.


Data Gathering, Analysis, and Enrichment

Get over 30+ graphs and charts giving insights into your own housefile data, append postal addresses to emails, attain a list of prospects likely to buy, and more.


Automated Direct Marketing

Target and convert website visitors, specifically identify and reach new homebuyers, launch automatic mailings to email subscribers, CRM contacts, and existing customers.


Strategy and Planning

Plan a campaign with an expert to deliver the right offer, message, and approach to your targeted audience. Budget and pay-as-you-go with daily or weekly mailings.


Creative Services

Receive file preparation help and quality checks, simple layout services, or take advantage of full creative,

copywriting, and design across multiple channels.


Performance Reporting

Receive matchback analysis, return to site metrics, conversion reports, and cadenced review of your marketing programs.


Integrated Digital Marketing

Capture contacts and add email, Facebook, and Google Display Ads to the targeted list of your mailings, send geo-fenced digital display ads to select locations.

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